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What we do

The Foreign Policy Collective is a consortium of independent foreign policy practitioners who work on international conflicts and crises. We provide informed analysis, strategic advice, and operational support for diplomatic processes, notably mediation and negotiation. Our core mission is to promote conflict resolution, democratisation, and global governance.

What we offer
  • Expert analysis and commentary on conflicts and crises

  • Strategic advice on foreign policy issues for decision-makers

  • Operational support for mediation and negotiations

  • Drafting and editing reports and publications

  • Training, capacity-building, and mentoring


Areas of expertise
  • Conflict prevention and peacemaking

  • Mediation and facilitation

  • Post-conflict stabilisation and statebuilding

  • Diplomatic negotiations

  • Democratisation,  transition, and elections

  • Politics of secessionism

  • Multi-national military operations (AU and NATO)

  • Counter-piracy

  • UN Political and Peacekeeping Missions

  • EU Common Foreign and Security Policy and CSDP

  • OSCE decision-making and Missions

Regional expertise
  • Balkans

  • Eastern neighbourhood

  • South Caucasus


  • Russia

  • Afghanistan

  • Israel/Palestine

  • Great Lakes region

  • Sudan/South Sudan

  • Horn of Africa

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